Weddings’ Rates

The seating capacity is 120 for the hall and about 80 for the church (a bit more if some stand up).

Venue costs are $3000 for 3 days, usually Friday/Saturday/Sunday, so you can set up on Friday and clean up on Sunday. 2 days is $2400 and 1 day is $1800. The fee covers the use of the whole facility which includes the hall with fully equipped commercial kitchen and all contents, use of the church for the ceremony, plus chairs, tables and marquee.

We require a bond of $1500 to cover any loss or damage.

To lock in your booking we ask for payment of the bond of $1500 and payment of the fee no later than 2 months before the event.

For availability, view our calendar.

Other Rates

If you’re interested in booking the hall for workshops, parties, funerals or other events, the rates are much lower. Please contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.


We have plastic fold-out tables which seat 6 to 8; grey plastic chairs which are clean and in good order; wine glasses and tumbler glasses ($2ea breakage); and a mixture of crockery and cutlery.

Most of our wedding bookings use local party equipment hirers instead. All our equipment is listed in our inventory.

The kitchen is fully commercially equipped but caterers should bring any specialist equipment they need and we suggest they inspect the kitchen themselves before the event.

We have a deck off the southern side of the hall measuring 8×8 metres and the grassy area between the buildings is approximately 14×22 metres.